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-the largest province
-located in Eastern Canada
-capital city is Quebec City
-flower - the Blue Flag, tree - Yellow Birch, bird - Snowy Owl
-Algonquin called Quebec "Kebe" meaning "the place where the river narrows."
-Motto - "Je me souviens" which is French for "I remember".


-population - 7,100,000
-largest city is Montreal. -most cities and towns are along the St.Lawrence River
-Quebec is a French-speaking province.
-home to over 72,000 Aboriginal people: Mohawk, Cree, Algonquin, Montagnais,
Micmac, Malecite, Naskapi, and Inuit.
-people came from France, Britain, Southern Europe, and East and Southeast Asia.


-first people were the Cree, Innu, Attikamek, Algonquin, Abenaki, Malecite,
Micmac, and Inuit
-Iroquois lived in villages along the St.Lawrence River.
-Monagnais Nation (Innu) hunted moose and lived in movable birchbark homes.
-Inuit of the north hunted seals and polar bears.
-Explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in 1534 and claimed the land for France.
-Samuel de Champlain set up a colony called New France in 1608.
-Farmers called "habitants" settled there.
-Quebec City was captured (1759) by the British.
-Loyalists arrived from the U.S. (1781) and settled farther up the river.
-Quebec was divided (1791) into Upper Canada (English speaking) and Lower Canada (mainly French speaking).
-It became a part of the Dominion of Canada in 1867.


-St. Lawrence River (3800 km. long) links Quebec to the Atlantic Ocean.
-Ships sail inland on the St. Lawrence River.
-Quebec has more fresh water than any other province.
-There are three National parks and many provincial parks.
-Forest covers half of Quebec (the most forest in Canada).


-mining: gold, copper, silver, zinc, nickel, asbestros, and iron ore.
-Quebec produces and sells hydro-electricity.
-Largest hydro-electric plants are near James Bay.
-produce more than a third of Canada's pulp and paper products
( paper, newsprint, boxes, tissue and cardboard)
-Quebec's lumber is used to make furniture and to build homes.
-largest dairy industry in Canada
-many livestock farms; main crop is hay grown to feed the livestock
-all kinds of fruits and vegatables are grown.
-Quebec is the main producer of maple syrup in Canada.


-the Winter Carnival in Quebec City
-held in February, lasts 10 days.
-there are winter sports, dances, ice scupltures and parades.
-snowman mascot is called "Bonhomme".


-Bonaventure Island bird sanctuary (home to over 25,000 pairs of gannets).
-Quebec City is the only walled city north of Mexico ( has many historic buildings).


-Celine Dion - began recording at age 13, has sung songs for movies
-J.A.bombarier invented the smowmobile, produced the first ski-Doo (1959)
-Trivial Pursuit was invented in Montreal.