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-N.B. is one of the four Atlantic provinces in Canada.
-It is the third-smallest province.
-N.B. has a mainland and many islands.
-capital city - Fredericton.
-flower - Purple Violet, tree - Balsam Fir, bird - Black-capped Chickadee
-motto - "Hope was restored."


-N.B. is the home of about757 , 000people.
-The largest city is Saint John.
-Other major cities are Fredericton (the capital city) and Moncton.
-Many people are of French, British, Scottish and Irish origin.


-The first people to live in N.B. include the Micmac and Maliseet-Passamaquaddy (Malecite).
-The Micmac and Malecite hunted and fished and were guides for the French explorers.
- 1604- Samuel de Champlain and the French arrived.
-The French called the east coast area Acadia.
-By 1608 French settlers (called Acadians) were farming around the Bay of Fundy.
-Acadia became an English colony in1713 .
-Some of the people would not swear loyalty to England.
Their homes were burned and they were sent away. Some went to Louisiana (U.S.A.).
-Amercan settlers founded the city of Saint John (oldest city in Canada).
- 1784- the north section of the colony became the new colony of New Brunswick.
-The lumbering industy grew. Pine was used to make masts for ships.
-Thousands came from Ireland after 1846 for work in the lumber industry.
-July1 , 1867 New Brunswick became one of the first four provinces of Canada.


-The longest river is the Saint John River ( 670 km.long)
-The Bay of Fundy between N.B. and Nova Scotia has the world's highest tides ( 15m. high).
-There are many bays and inlets along the coast.
-Forests , mainly black spruce and fir, cover almost 90 percent of N.B.


-N.B. is the main producer of lead, zinc, copper,and bismuth in Canada.
-Coal, potash, antimony, silver, natural gas and oil are also mined.
-There are fishing ports where more than fifty kinds of fish and shellfish are caught:
scallops, shrimp, herring, lobsters, snow crabs, mussels, etc.
-Lobster is the most valuable catch.
-The main industry is forestry.
-Paper, newspaper, magazines, tissue, wooden doors and windows are made.
-There are over 3000 farms.
-The main crop is potatoes. The Saint John River Valley is called the "Potato Belt."
-Apples, blueberries, strawberries, and cranberries are also grown in N.B.
-Fiddleheads (sprouts of the ostrich fern) are gathered in early spring for eating.


-R. Foulis invented the first steam foghorn (1860).
-Romeo LeBlanc was the first Acadian to become a governor-general of Canada.
-Roch Voisine (song writer and singer ) won a Juno Award in 1993 for male vocalist.

-Hartland bridge - world's longest covered bridge ( 390m. or 1283 ft. long)
-Magnetic Hill - an optical illusion
-Whale watching - off the Bay of Fundy
-Rocks Provincial Park (Bay of Fundy) - Flowerpot Rocks, strange shaped rocks