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-B.C. is the most western province in Canada and the third-largest.
-Alberta is to the east, and the Yukon and NWT are north .
-The Pacific Ocean is to the west.
-There are many islands off the coast that are also part of B.C.
-Capital city - Victoria ( on Vancouver Island )
-Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada.
-B.C.'s flower - Pacific Dogwood, bird - Stellar's Jay, tree - Western Red Cedar.
-motto - "Splendour without diminishment"


-B.C. is the home to about 4 million people.
-The largest city is Vancouver.
-The Northwest Coast Native peoples live in B.C.
-People came from Britain, Western Europe, East and Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
-B.C. has the largest Chinese community in Canada.


-The first people to live in BC : Tlingit, Sekani, Haida, Nootka, Chilcotin and Shuswap.
-They fished for salmon and seals and hunted deer and elk.
-They built large wooden houses and carved totem poles.

-(1778) Captain James Cook a British explorer sailed to B.C.
-George Vancouver mapped the coastline.
-Fur trading posts were built.
-(1857-1858) Fraser Valley Gold Rush brought many people.
-B.C. became a province in1871 .
-Canadian government promised to build a railway to B.C.
-Thousands of Chinese labourers arrived to help build the railway.
-Many stayed when the railway was finished.
-British settlers came by train to the west coast.


-The Fraser River is one of the largest rivers in Canada.
-Both the Fraser and the Columbia River flow into the Pacific Ocean.
-Ferry boats take people to and from the Islands off the coast.
-There are six national parks in B.C.
-Coastal Mountains and Rocky Mountains are two large mountain ranges.


-Forestry is the largest industry. Forest covers half of B.C.
-B.C, has the largest and oldest trees in Canada.
-B.C.'s mountains, parks and beaches attract many tourists.
-Mining is the third-largest industry.
(copper, coal, gold, silver, zinc, sulphur, asbestos)
-B.C. has the largest fishing industry in Canada.
(salmon, halibut, clams, cod, crab, oysters, rockfish, shrimp and herring)
-Fraser Valley has cattle and dairy farms and farms that grow fruit and flowers.
-There are many orchards in the Okanagan Valley.
( apples, cherries, peaches, apricots, and plums)


-Emily Carr (1871-1945) - painted the West Coast Aboriginal people
-Terry Fox (1958-1981) - tried to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research
-Chief Dan George (1899-1981) - actor and poet

-Stanley Park in Vancouver is one of Canada's biggest city parks

an aquarium, gardens, beaches, trails and totem poles carved out of wood by the native people of the west coast.
-Tourists come to ski at Whistler Mountain and other ski resorts in B.C.
-Okanagan Valley is known for the warm weather, wineries and as a fruit-growing region.